More Miles

It’s been two Sundays since the last update and the training continues unabated. Despite some bad weather and a late night for Ginny at her work, I managed to keep the mileage coming. It took a rare Friday morning treadmill 8km run, but I got everything in again this week.

Last Sunday was tough. Probably the worst footing I’ve ever encountered between ice, snow, and deep slush. There is nothing worse than an ice-cold soaker at 12km.

Today was much better, although still cold. It was -13ºC at the start, and not much warmer at the finish. The route was a typical one for this clinic – lots of uphill at the beginning, and then a nice downhill finish. It was 12km before we got to the top at St. Clair and Poplar Plains, but once the downhill started, it was a pretty enjoyable blast to the finish.

Just 12 weeks to go now until race day in Vancouver, but lots of running to do between now and then.

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