I’ve blogged a lot about running before and I’m going to start again.

Why? Mostly because I recently recommitted to regular running and I want to capture my experiences in a way that I haven’t done before.

My blog posts about running over the years have mostly been a combination of race reports and training help for those looking to run one of the marathons that I was championing. I look back on my archives of those posts and I see helpful content mostly written for other runners.

These days, in the midst of a global pandemic that has turned all of our lives upside down, running has become something more for me. It represents things like escape or challenge or pain. I dare say it’s become almost primal? I run to run away, or to think, or to just have some time to not be doing everything else.

My hope is that I can create helpful content for myself this time around. I want to explore running and more specifically my running journey in a deeper, more insightful way. Come along if you wish.