On September 20, 2022, I started running every day again. I didn’t set out to start a new streak that day, but after a few days of running (and thinking), I decided that I was going to return to daily running.

It was time. I had stopped running every day back in April after a 481 day streak. That was just a few days before the Vancouver Marathon and the reason I took a couple of days off was to see if I could heal up an injury in time to make a difference in the race.

(The answer to that question was no. I had a decent race, but the lack of training over the last few weeks leading up to race day and the injury in my leg cost me a good performance.)

I wrote more about ending my streak if you are interested – On Ending My Run Streak.


So why start up daily running again? There are a few reasons. The first streak was a challenge to myself to run every day in 2021. I didn’t know if I could do it and I wanted to take on something big to see what I was capable of as I turned 50 years old.

I know now that I can run many, many days in a row. Mentally, it’s not daunting to start running every day again. Even physically, I am confident that I can run every day and stay healthy or manage any injuries that might come up. I’ve done it before.

The reason I decided to run every day was to help with motivation. When I have a choice of whether to run or not, then some days I won’t run. I know this because I can look back at what happened to my running in July and August. Too often I just didn’t bother even though I had the time and was physically capable.

For a daily runner, the question of whether to run today goes away. There is no question – I will run. The question instead becomes when. Will I run at lunch? First thing in the morning? How will I get a run in on a busy day or a travel day?

It’s been 26 days of daily running already and I’m already looking towards having 365 days of running in 2023. If all goes to plan, I’ll break my 481 day record in mid-January, 2024.