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Back to Vancouver

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Photo by Mike Benna on Unsplash

I’ll be running another birthday marathon in 2022 and naturally, it’ll be the BMO Vancouver Marathon.

I first Ran Van in 2011 on my 40th birthday and the plan was to run the race in 2021 to celebrate turning 50. Of course, the pandemic got in the way of all that, but I did run the race virtually and earned my medal with a new personal best marathon (and 50km).

With flights being super cheap and a few of the guys from my Sunday run crew coming out to run it as well, the 2022 race should be a great time. I’ve run this race five times in person and once virtually. Looking back at 2011’s run, I never would have guessed that Vancouver would become what it has for me.

Why? All the Usual Reasons

The reasons for going back to run this race over and over are simple. I love the city and I really enjoy the course. It’s challenging both physically and mentally but I don’t think there’s a better 42.2km race route out there. It’s stunning running.

Training will start on January 4th with a day off (my first in a year) on January 3rd…perhaps. I might keep up the every day running depending on how things go with training and the increased load that comes with the marathon program.

Obviously, lots more to come on this as training begins and continues in the new year. It’s great to have a reason to run again and a big race to look forward to.