How is it week ten already? We’re into the big mileage weeks and I can feel it a bit. My legs are tired, but not overly so.

  • Monday: 6.1km easy as usual. It was sunny and the pace was fast, but not too fast.
  • Tuesday: 10.0km tempo run. Another good tempo effort at 4:32/km pace to kick off the tougher portion of the week.
  • Wednesday: 13.0km with 7 x 600m hills. Heart rate was good across all seven repeats and the cool down was decent as well. I’ll be happy when hills are done.
  • Thursday: 6.1km at a steady pace. Not easy, not tempo. Just a nice run.
  • Friday: 10.0km with a headwind during the downhill section and a nice tailwind on the way back. 4:54/km pace as I start to dial in AtB race pace.
  • Saturday: 6.1km easy. Retired the grey shoes after just over 1,000km and brought out a brand new pair of 860V11’s.
  • Sunday: 30.0km with the SDRC guys. We ran it a bit too hard, but I had the steady pace from start to finish. No fade. Excited for Around the Bay in a few weeks.

Week ten is behind me now and with 81.4km this week, it was a pretty big one. It’s possible this might be the biggest mileage week although the way my long runs will be scheduled in Hilton Head might mean that week tops it.