A long-awaited week in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina meant lots of time to run and great weather as well. We missed this vacation last year thanks to COVID restrictions, so it was extra nice to be back. Here’s how the training went.

  • Monday: 32.7km long run that I pushed back from Sunday to Monday to enjoy some better weather and also to rest my legs after a couple of long days of driving. This turned out to be a great idea.
  • Tuesday: 5.9km recovery after the long run on Monday. Felt tired, but enjoyed the run around Shipyard.
  • Wednesday: 9.4km tempo(ish). This was just a plain old run in nice weather.
  • Thursday: 6km steady to rest up a bit for another long run on Friday. This one was easy and again, enjoyable with warmer weather and sunshine.
  • Friday: 22.0km out and back in some pretty warm weather. The first half was fine, but the back half was pushing 20ºC and the sun was blazing. Still, I held the pace through the end and got it done.
  • Saturday: 5.2km back in Toronto after a 17 hour drive that started at 2:30 A.M. on about four hours sleep. The plan was to run 3km, but I actually felt alright so it turned into a 5km on the loop (in reverse) in the cold rain.
  • Sunday: 9.3km to get over 90km for the week. Felt fine and the pace is coming back after a weird week of training, some warm weather and a lot of driving.

It’s one week now until Around the Bay 30km race, so after a big week of training, it’s time to rest up a bit and enjoy a short taper before race day on Sunday. This week was odd, but I got my mileage done and I’m feeling more than ready to race 30km in Hamilton.