Lucky week 13 included a not-so-glorious return to cold Toronto and a 30km race in windy and snowy Hamilton to end the week.

  • Monday: 6.2km in mild weather. As much as this ended up being a cold week, it started really nice. Shorts and a t-shirt!
  • Tuesday: 6.1km tempo pace at 4:36/km average. With Around the Bay to end the week, it was a bit of a mini-taper so shorter distances.
  • Wednesday: 10.0km at tempo pace. 4:37/km average in the cold rain. I enjoyed this one though.
  • Thursday: 6.1km again as the taper for AtB continued. Probably too fast at 4:26/km, but whatever.
  • Friday: 9.0km up in midtown while Mac was at an appointment. It was nice to run somewhere different although there was a fair bit of incline to deal with.
  • Saturday: 5.2km easy for the day before race day. Again, probably faster than I should have run, but that’s what I do.
  • Sunday: 30.3km at Around the Bay Road Race with a solid, steady run. I clocked a 2:27:22 which was super close to a PB for that race and a course PB for Around the Bay with the big hill included. Full report is here.

This was a solid week of training. It was a bit lighter on the distance with a race on Sunday but that still meant 73km. A few years ago, that would have been a huge week for me. There were also a few struggles to deal with outside of running so overall, I was super happy with how this one went down. Five weeks until I run in Vancouver.