Week 16 is behind me now and it is officially TAPER TIME. Honestly I started tapering last week, but whatever. It’s time to rest a bit, recover, and get ready to run 42.2km on May 1 in Vancouver.

Here’s the week in running:

  • Monday: 4km from the airport hotel to the Richmond Olympic Oval in BC. It was super windy and this was a bit of a recovery run from the 24km effort the day before.
  • Tuesday: 10.8km including the start and first three kilometres of the marathon route in Vancouver. I wanted to run this as a reminder of what the start is like. The plan was to do 7km, but I felt good and so I ran longer and saved the shorter run for Wednesday.
  • Wednesday: 6.1km back in Toronto and in shorts and a t-shirt. Felt decent after a busy weekend with travel and a lot of time on my feet.
  • Thursday: 8.0km at 4:43/km which is back to my usual pace for a weekday run. Finally, after three weeks, I don’t think about the hamstring anymore and I’m officially recovered from that setback.
  • Friday: 11.5km down along the waterfront on Good Friday. A bit longer than the schedule called for, but it was a nice day and I want to continue to test the leg and push a bit to make up for some lost training.
  • Saturday: 5.2km to get ready for a long Sunday run. Felt okay on this one, but not that strong. Probably the week catching up to me.
  • Sunday: 23.2km long run at 4:53/km. The last long run is done and it’s time to ease back and rest up.

That’s 69km for the week and basically back on track. As mentioned above, it’s time to recover, rest and get ready for race day in two weeks.