The hay is in the barn! As they say. Apparently.

Training is effectively done and I only have three runs left in Toronto before I fly to Vancouver on Thursday. It’s hard to believe we’re just a week from race day.

Honestly, the training schedule has mostly gone out the window over the last few weeks as injuries and other issues stacked up.

  • Monday: 5km on the usual loop. Just a pretty easy run after 23km the day before.
  • Tuesday: 6.2km at 4:47/km wasn’t bad. This was the day the lower leg/ankle issue started getting worse.
  • Wednesday: 8km to test things out a bit. I tried the calf compression sleeves as well for a few days but I don’t think it was helping.
  • Thursday: 5.2km on a drizzly day. Work was messy and honestly, the desire to run wasn’t there.
  • Friday: 6.2km on a day that the schedule said 10km. I didn’t thin it was wise to push things at this stage, so I eased it back and just ran the 6km.
  • Saturday: 5.2km to get ready for a long Sunday run. Very windy.
  • Sunday: 16km long run at 5:0/km. The ankle/calf was okay and I think I could probably push for the full 42.2km even like this. But I sure don’t want to.

The plan for this week? Take it really easy and try to get things as close to 100% by Sunday. No long runs, no hard runs.