Race day is 16 weeks away now and training is well underway after a slow start over the holidays. This is the first week that I followed the schedule and ran all the miles. Week 1 was more about just maintaining, running everyday and enjoying some time away over the holidays.

My runs this week:

  • Monday: 6.1km along the usual neighbourhood loop. Not bad, not great. My schedule actually has a rest day on Monday, so these are bonus kms.
  • Tuesday: 8.0km as the training schedule calls for slightly longer runs now as things ramp up.
  • Wednesday: 10.2km on a weekday for the first time in a long time. Good run overall.
  • Thursday: 8.0km on a bit of a different route for me. Extra miles means mixing up the routes to escape the monotony of running the same roads all the time.
  • Friday: 10.0km around the Upper Beach and Birchcliff. I’m getting used to the longer weekday runs now.
  • Saturday: 6.2km as an “easy” day that ended up including a big hill or two. Felt strong.
  • Sunday: 15.2km with the guys from the SDRC. Good times and a good run.

That’s a total of 63.7km for the week and a really good start to the training program after an easy week last week. Keys right now are slowly building back the strength, avoiding injury and sticking to the plan.