This week started with a dumping of snow and ended with a nice run around the city with some of the guys from the run crew. In between it was a bit of an exercise in patience with snow clearing being virtually non-existent in the east end of our city.

My runs this week:

  • Monday: 3.4km in the snow. I got out early to try to beat the predicted blizzard. It was tough slogging for sure with 15-20cm of snow already on the ground when I ran in the morning.
  • Tuesday: 6.2km on the day after a big storm. Had to run mostly on the streets as the snow clearing was not great.
  • Wednesday: 10.1km down along the MGT. Took the advice of some other runners and hit the waterfront which was indeed plowed. Getting there and back was rough.
  • Thursday: 8.6km on a very cold day. Ran the usual 8km route around the Upper Beach and Birchcliff.
  • Friday: 10.0km down Kingston Road and then back along the MGT. Nice to be doing these 10km runs on weekdays again.
  • Saturday: 6.2km in advance of my Sunday long run. Not bad.
  • Sunday: 18.4km with Daniel and Baker. Another small crew this week, but enjoyable with a nice route that included the Railpath (the wrong way) and ended on the MGT through Harbourfront.

Total for the week was 62.8km, up slightly from last week and a bit lower than planned due to the shorter Monday run in what were basically impossible conditions. Fourteen weeks until race day in Vancouver.