Onwards and upwards. My weekly mileage is starting to creep up. A few years ago a 50km week was a big ask. These days, I’m putting in more than 60km a week very early in the training program.

My runs this week:

  • Monday: 6.1km easy. I’m really trying to take it easy on Monday runs since it’s supposed to be a day off. I failed this week, averaging 4:56/km on this one.
  • Tuesday: 6.2km tempo run. Since I’m having a hard time slowing down, I thought I would pick up the pace for the tempo runs. The result was a 4:41/km effort.
  • Wednesday: 10.0km down to the beach and back up Kingston Road. This was another tempo run and I ran it at 4:48/km average including the run up Kingston Road. Not bad.
  • Thursday: 8.2km steady on some sidewalks that are at least partially cleared. I managed to run this one a bit easier after two days of tempo runs.
  • Friday: 10.0km around the Upper Beach. Again at an easier pace to wrap up the weekday runs.
  • Saturday: 6.2km at 4:49/km pace isn’t an easy run, James. I’ll blame this on the low temps that made me want to get this one over with.
  • Sunday: 21.1km with the full gang. We hit the Railpath, across the top of the Annex, and then down through U of T and University. Good running at a reasonable pace for a Sunday. A negative split as well and I was feeling great at the end.

That’s another solid week of training in the books. It was a 68km week and my first half marathon of 2022. I’ll probably be about the same next week with a 19km Sunday run planned. From there things start to get serious with this being the last “easy” week before hill training starts on February 9.