One-third of the program done, two-thirds left. It’s go time now as the long runs get long and the weekday runs get tougher.

My runs this week:

  • Monday: 6.1km easy. Still running too fast on recovery runs but at least the sidewalks are clear now, right?.
  • Tuesday: 6.2km tempo run. Pushed the tempo pace for this run to see where I’m at. The answer? 4:29/km over 6km.
  • Wednesday: 10.0km in the morning. That early run start took a bit of a toll on the pace as I was feeling a bit tired still and not exactly excited to run at 7:00 A.M. Still, a decent run.
  • Thursday: 8.4km after a few Google Meet virtual meetings at work that went long and kept me from my usual lunch run. 5:05/km on this one as I’m finding my steady run pace.
  • Friday: 10.0km down to the lake and back up the big hill on Blantyre. Felt good and kept the pace reasonable.
  • Saturday: 6.0km at 5:02/km wasn’t bad at all. -13ºC so it wasn’t like I wanted to be out there for any longer.
  • Sunday: 19.5km with the SDRC guys. It was up up up to Eglinton and Laird, then down Mt. Pleasant and Church to get back to Aroma for coffee and chat indoors. Finally the tables are back and we can warm up and trash talk like the good old days.

Tick off another week. It was 66km this week but that number is going to go up quickly here with the Sunday runs ramping up throughout the month. Bring on the hills on Wednesday as well!