I’m into the next phase of training now as hill training started this week. Sunday runs are now well over 20km, and weekly mileage is going to quickly climb above 70km soon.

My runs this week:

  • Monday: 6.1km easy. The weather was nice and the run was an easy one. Happy Monday!
  • Tuesday: 6.1km tempo run. Icy and slushy sidewalks still makes tempo runs tough, but I got it done.
  • Wednesday: 10.1km with 4 x 600m hills. Here we go with hill training. Added a longer warm up and cool down to keep the Wednesday mileage at 10km. Hill work was tough, but enjoyable.
  • Thursday: 8.3km in with puddles everywhere. Wet feet, but decent running.
  • Friday: 10.0km down to the lake and back up the big hill on Blantyre. Felt good and kept the pace reasonable. Sound familiar? It was…the exact same run as last week on Friday.
  • Saturday: 6.1km on sidewalks that were either bare and dry or icy as heck. The pace was good as well. Not too fast but not easy either.
  • Sunday: 23.5km with the SDRC guys. The route featured a good bit of incline and a few significant hills. We all ran strong and despite the cold, powered through the distance without much trouble

Week Seven is in the books. Total run this week was 70km with a nice long run well over 20km. From here it gets tough with 26km next Sunday, hills and more miles than I’ll have run in a good few months.