Things got serious this week as expected. But when you are prepared for the hard work of training, it’s just another week on the journey towards the start line on May 1.

My runs this week:

  • Monday: 6.1km easy on a freezing cold day became 6.1km tempo. It’s far too easy to run hard when it’s that cold.
  • Tuesday: 10.0km tempo run. Not as cold, and just as fast. A good quality tempo run.
  • Wednesday: 11.0km with 5 x 600m hills. I was apprehensive going into the hills, but I managed five consistently paced hills. My heart rate crept up a bit too much between the first and fifth hill revealing the work still to be done.
  • Thursday: 6.1km in easy on a much-needed recovery day. I managed to slow down a bit, but easy is 4:50/km now apparently.
  • Friday: 10.0km through snow banks and messy sidewalks. The last few weeks have been challenging and I can’t wait for spring and some bare and dry sidewalks.
  • Saturday: 6.1km on at finally easy pace. With 26km on the schedule for Sunday, it was important to take some easy miles and just clock time on my feet rather than pushing the pace.
  • Sunday: 26.1km with the SDRC guys. Hung back at the start and through about 14km to run with Jeffrey who slipped and hurt some ribs. Then had to run stupid fast for a few kilometres to catch up the group. The back half was also too fast, but what else is new. Negative split by over a minute.

Week eight is done with a total of 75km across the seven runs. The 26km long run was good and a reminder that I’m way stronger now than I’ve been in past marathon training programs. I end the week looking forward to the step-back week ahead.