Week 11 was a bit strange with a long drive on Friday, and then a shorter drive on Saturday as we headed south for March Break. Some cool weather on Sunday along with some very tired legs from all that driving also led me to push my long run to Monday.

  • Monday: 6.1km easy as usual. This was just the normal loop for a Monday.
  • Tuesday: This is where things started going weird. I had to get a new windshield on the car, so rather than taking the TTC down and back up later in the day, I ran both legs. 61.km and 5.4km.
  • Wednesday: 12.8km with 8 x 600m hills. The last hill workout for this training cycle. Finally.
  • Thursday: 8.4km at a steady pace. I flipped the Thursday and Friday runs around to get a longer run in and leave the shorter one for the evening after our drive to Charlotte, NC.
  • Friday: 3.0km around an office park 1km ring road after we drove 12 hours from Toronto to our overnight stop in North Carolina. Literally no benefit to training other than continuing the streak.
  • Saturday: 3.4km around the office park again in the morning so I wouldn’t have to run in Hilton Head on our arrival. That was a good plan.
  • Sunday: 9.5km in Hilton Head Island around the Shipyard area. It was chilly (like 2ºC) so I ran this instead of the long run which I pushed back to Monday.

That’s 55km for a week without a long run and two pretty short days. Still a fair bit of running and a good way to work my training around the other things going on.