I brought home an unwanted souvenir from Victoria, BC. Yep – I caught COVID-19 after successfully avoiding it for a couple of years.

On Wednesday, I started to feel a bit of a cold coming on. It began with a little throat thing, and over the next 24 hours worsened into a full on head cold. A rapid COVID test on Thursday afternoon was negative (although the faintest of faint lines was maybe there about 30 minutes after I did the test). On Friday morning I woke up feeling quite a bit worse and did another rapid test which came back quite clearly positive.

Garmin Metrics

My Garmin Forerunner 245 showed my heart rate was up about 5bpm overnight. Normally that’s somewhere between 39 and 41bpm (yes, that low), but that night it was 44-45bpm. My respiration rate really showed when things got worse. Usually it’s about 14-15 breaths per minute, but on Thursday night into Friday it was 19-20 breaths per minute.

I ran 5km on Thursday (before I tested negative) and felt fine. My heart rate was normal for the pace I was running (4:52/km) and I wasn’t feeling any noticeable effects at that point. Everything seemed good.

I’ll be keeping a close eye on my health metrics from heart rate to respiration and also SpO2. Wearing a Garmin watch provides a really good baseline of what “normal” is for me and having that data to compare to coming out of this COVID infection will be valuable.

Looking Ahead

Hopefully I won’t experience any lasting effects. I saw many horror stories early on from people, including avid runners, who were affected badly for the long term and that’s one of the many reasons I did the initial two Pfizer vaccinations, then a third dose and eventually a fourth booster back at the start of summer.

I literally have no idea where I picked up COVID. We wore our masks at the airport and on the plane, but not when doing other activities like dining out or shopping. I don’t remember seeing anyone that I thought looked sick aside from maybe one of the flight attendants on the way out.

Stay safe out there. The virus is just waiting for the opportunity to infect if you let your guard down. I wasn’t careful enough.