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STWM Race Weekend Todo List

Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon weekend is here and there are a few things every runner should have on their todo list before the races on Sunday morning. Expo and Speaker...



There is only one way to become a marathoner – through complete commitment. You need to really want to do it. When you embark on the long training journey that...


Going Beyond 21.1km

A month and a bit into training for the Ottawa Marathon, and things are about to get pretty serious. Up until now, Sunday runs have been in the 13-16km range...


Running Injury Prevention and Management

Marathon training puts a lot of stress on your body. As a result, injuries are fairly common, especially in the early stages of the training program. While injury prevention should...


Back to Running

Last time I ran was January 30th. The following morning I woke up, hopped out of bed and was greeted by some bad foot pain. A visit to my physiotherapist...