Category: Training and Runs

Notes on specific runs and overall training advice.


The Rhythm of Running

Running has a rhythm to it. That rhythm is found not only in the sounds of each footfall as I’m out on the sidewalks, streets and trails around Toronto, but...


Off to Ottawa

I’m off to Ottawa until Monday to attend WordCamp Ottawa. While I’m there, I’m hoping to get at least two, or maybe three runs in. Running in Ottawa is always...


Vancouver Bound

I’m at 34,000ft on WestJet 707 to Vancouver. It was pouring rain when we left Toronto, but we managed an on-time departure anyways. Assuming all goes well, I’ll be in...


Words to Live By

The months of training are done, and the marathon awaits in three days. How do I measure success? It’s not how I do in the race…it’s how I did in...