Commitment is a binary measurement. I can either be committed to my goals, or I’m not.

On rainy days, or when I don’t feel like running, it’s commitment that gets me out the door to run. For me, commitment can come from a variety of sources.

I’ve been committed to a group to get out every Sunday for a long run. I’ve been committed to an upcoming race to keep me on track with my training schedule. These days I’m committed to daily running which is a very powerful motivator for me.

Commitment Breakers

Seeing the weather forecast for today had the potential to derail my commitment to the run. I could have slept in, or opted for a 3-5km run that would have satisfied the requirements around daily running, but that would not have satisfied me.

Sunday is my long run day and that means I should get in a long run to meet my weekly goals and keep me on track for my yearly mileage goal as well. As a result, I laced up the shoes and geared up for a cold, wet and windy 16km run.

Following through comes with some great rewards. There’s a strong sense of personal satisfaction that comes with going out and getting something done despite having a bunch of reasons not to have done it. In fact, on days like today, the rewards are even higher than those days where running is easy and the weather makes me want to head out.