I’m 40 days into my latest daily running streak and I’m starting to think about next year and my goals. I’m having doubts.

Goals like “run every day in 2021” and “Run 50km in a single run” are daunting and having some doubts is completely normal. I keep reminding myself that I have these similar feelings before, and during every marathon and even before Sunday long runs.

Doubt is different than fear. If I was fearful, then it would be an indication that I’ve clearly bitten off more than I can chew. I’m not afraid of any of these things because I’ve actually done most of them before. I’ve run 50km twice. I’ve run 77 days in a row. I’ve run over 2,400km in a year.

Having doubts tells me that my goals are good ones. If I didn’t doubt myself, then it would indicate that I’m not challenging myself enough. I’m sure that like during the GVRAT and various marathons I’ve run, I’ll gradually get to the point where the doubts ease and my confidence grows.