As of tomorrow, I’ll be 50% of the way through GVRAT 2021. It’s been a heck of a race so far, starting with a 50km run on the second day, and then slowing down for a bit before a big push here to end May and start June strong.

I’ve been sitting at a 7-day running total of over 100km since May 28th and over the last seven days, I’ve run 117km. We’ll run about 22km tomorrow which will bring me to about 517km run. Here’s my progress on the map.

I’m ahead of where I was last year at this point and right now I’m on pace to finish up on July 11. With a second vaccination day coming here in the next little bit and some really hot weather in Toronto, I’m expecting that will slip just a bit, but I’ll be happy to finish on that day if I can.

GVRAT is interesting as it’s a mental and physical game. How much can you run before your body revolts? Can you keep your head in the game and keep pushing when what you really want is a few short runs or even a day or two off?

I know what I’m capable of, but I also know that I’m probably in a worse place physically right now than I was last year. I’ve been pushing harder from the start and that might just come back to bite me. We’ll see…