As of this morning, I’ve topped 642.9 miles and I’ve run (virtually) across Tennessee for the second time in two years.

My last run was 9.98km officially, but I ran 10.05km just to make sure I had a bit of buffer. That meant 18 days of runs over 10km and 307km for July so far to get me to the end of the challenge.

Of course, I’ll keep running daily through the end of the year, but it’ll be shorter runs for a bit as I finish up recovery from a few injuries and the general strain of running 100km weeks.

Some Numbers

The seven days ending June 6th was the top week for mileage with 117.9km run while the seven days ending June 27th was the lowest at 37.6km. I really cut back my daily distance during that period to give my shins/ankles a break and ensure I would make it to the finish feeling good.

My daily average was 12.32km and I missed no days although I did run only 3.3km on the fourth day of the challenge coming off of my 50km run on day 2. I ran under 10km on 30 days of the 84 days total and 54 times I ran over 10km. There were 11 runs over 21.1km including my 50km run on May 2.

What’s Next?

As mentioned, I’ll be cutting back a bit here to rest and recover with runs under 10km for a while including a few days in Montreal next week. After that, I hope to keep up my streak of 300km months for a little bit longer and I’m targeting 3,600km for the year now which will require some consistent running through to the end of the year.

My main goals now are to finish up with 365 days of running and to get to the end of the year in really good shape to start training for a potential spring marathon in 2022.

As for GVRAT, that will be my last one. Even if they run it again in 2022, I won’t be participating. While it is a fun event, the pressure to run big mileage is just not great for the body and mind. Running 1,000km in four months isn’t a challenge for me anymore and so that really only leaves seeing how fast I can get it done. The result of that is always going to be pushing to the edge and beyond into injury.