The yellow gate is in sight now and I have less than two weeks to go to finish up GVRAT 2021 assuming everything goes well.

As of today (after my run), I have just under 194km to run. I’m hoping to be done on Friday, July 23 which is 13 days from today. Since GVRAT is always a math challenge, that means I have 194km / 13days = 14.92km per day. That seems like a lot?

Sunday Long Runs

Sunday runs are the key since they basically count for two days. Let’s take 194 and subtract out the Sunday runs of about 22.5km each or 45km total. 194km – 45km = 149km. Then 13 days becomes 11 days instead because I’m only counting the weekdays and next Saturday. That leaves me with 149km / 11 days = 13.5km per day. Still a fair bit, however, I’ve been doing 12 or 13km a day for a bit here and it’s been fine.

One last bit of math is the last day. Instead of counting 11 days to run 149km, let’s assume 13km per day for 10 days instead which is 130km. Then that leaves 19km to run on the final day. Totally doable since the days after that can be rest days where I only run 3-5km to keep my runstreak going.

Finishing Earlier = More Math

The fun math starts when I try to see what it would take to finish on July 22 instead of July 23. That means finding a dozen km across all the days to take out a day. I could do 23km on the Sunday runs which is a km. Then add a km a day to the daily runs and I get something like two Sundays each of 23km for 46km plus 15km a day for the other 9 days for 135km. That would bring me across the line on July 22 with a final day of only 8km.

There are so many combinations and permutations. At the end of the day, my goal is to run at least 12km a day with 23km on the Sunday runs. Any days I can run longer without risking injury is just a bonus. If I can do an extra km or two on most days, I can either enjoy an easy last day or run a longer run to finish it knowing the next days will be filled with rest and recovery.