As of today, I’m 103 miles (165km) into the Great Virtual Race Across Tennessee. I had a great start with 58km over the first two days, including a 50km run on May 2, but since then I’ve been trying to recover from that long race while still building up the mileage.

It’s been a bit of a balancing act pushing to get the runs in while managing some minor aches and pains that were the result of running the 50km and then not having the opportunity to rest.

Two Weeks In

We’re 14 days into the race now and I am about 49km ahead of pace. That sounds good, but I really want to finish this race well ahead of the August 31st official end date so I have some work to do still to build up that lead and get across the finish line as soon as I can.

As of today, I’m on pace to finish around July 25th which would be fine, but honestly, I’m hoping to be there a couple of weeks sooner than that if I can do it.

My goal this week is to run 80km or more and I’m in great shape for that with 54km run so far and two more days to go. I’ll run about 10km tomorrow and then closer to 20km on Sunday, if not a bit further.


With GVRAT, the key is consistency. I’ve been running everyday since December 31, 2020, so that’s not an issue. If I run 8.4km, I’m staying on pace. From there it’s all math. Every additional 8.4km I run is one day sooner to the finish line. I try to run 8.0km at a minimum and more like 10km everyday. If I’m feeling good, I push it to 12km.

Sunday long runs are a chance to pile up some extra distance. A 24km run is two days taken off the end of the race. I’ll probably not go quite that far Sunday to save my legs a bit, but in a few weeks, 24km will be the standard Sunday run.