Sometime either the day of Around the Bay or perhaps the next day, I pulled my left hamstring. It’s been bugging me all week.

I’ve got just over four weeks until race day in Vancouver so my number one priority is to get to the start line as healthy as possible. That means scaling back my running quite a bit while I treat this little strain.

I tried to see if maybe 4-5km was going to be okay, but things weren’t improving so today I ran just over a mile at very easy pace to keep my run streak alive. I’ll likely continue with that for a few days and assess. If things don’t improve, the run streak will get set aside and I’ll take some time off and visit the physio.

Today it feels better than yesterday. I’ve been icing and rolling the spot on the back side of my left leg above the knee. It’s not time to panic, but it is time to be really smart and careful. There’s no way I’ll be running long on Sunday and if I need to, I will scale back my planned 32km run next week as well.