Daily running continues and up until now, I’ve been going out with not much of a plan for distance. Some days I run 5km, some days 6km and some days a bit more.

I have been making the call on how far to run either at the start of the run or sometimes even mid-run. At the 2.5km point of my usual route, I can turn right and it’s 5.2km. Or I can go straight and it’s 6.1km. Or I can turn left and run either 7km or 8km.

I was thinking on the run this morning that I should really formalize a better plan for the distances each day. I’m thinking that it’ll be something like:

  • Monday – 5km
  • Tuesday – 6km
  • Wednesday – 7km
  • Thursday – 7km
  • Friday – 6km
  • Saturday – 5km
  • Sunday – 15-25km

That gets me over 50km for the week without a super long Sunday run and over 60km if I opt to go longer. In February and March I can push the Wednesday and Thursday runs out to 8km and 10km and further build towards runs over 30km on Sundays.

It also allows for some rest on Saturday and Monday to wrap around that longer run. That’s helpful for reducing the chances of injury and also for providing a mental break a couple of days a week.