Despite a plan to take a week off, as soon as I got to Canmore, AB, I started feeling the urge to do my usual weekday morning runs.

It’s cold and dark here, but that didn’t stop me from running about 6-7km every other day while we are here escaping the crap going on back home in Toronto. I’ve been mapping out some routes that involve running the various trails in town including Policeman’s Creek and along the Bow River.

Running in the cold has been fine. I have enough stuff with me to stay comfortable. The darkness is a bit of an issue, but even that has been mostly not a problem. I;ve been planning the routes before hand and starting a bit later so there’s at least some faint dawn light to outline the mountains and illuminate the trails.

We have two more days here and I’ll run on both of them. Friday also marks the start of my year-long daily running quest for 2021. I’m looking forward to kicking things off with another run through Canmore.