I guess 2021 was a bit of an experiment. I set a few goals for the year and one of them was to run every day. On December 31, 2021, I ran for the 365th day of the year and put a green checkmark next to my goal.

The next day I woke up (still in Canmore, Alberta) and had to decide whether I would go for a run or not. It wasn’t a difficult decision. I put on my stuff, laced up my shoes and ran 4.8km around town in -19ºC temperatures.

The day after that we got up early and drove to Calgary to fly home. When we arrived back at the house, I unpacked my stuff and had to decide whether I would go for a run or not. It wasn’t a difficult decision. I ran 5.2km around the neighbourhood.

Since then I’ve continued to run every day. It’s now been 386 days in a row. I’ve been thinking a lot about running daily, and about how long I want to keep doing it. A video kofuzi posted on YouTube the other day led me to the answer to that question.

I have a lot of momentum going now after 386 days of getting out for a run every. single. day. It’s not easy to run every day, but it’s also not hard. That’s the power of momentum.

There’s a site where you can register your run streak with Streak Runners International and the United States Running Streak Association. You have to have run 365 days to get on the list. I put my streak on the list today.

Putting myself on the list means I intend to keep running. I don’t want to be on the “retired” list. There’s no point in registering only to have to report my streak as ended shortly after.

Registering was the act of telling myself (and others) that I plan to run every day until I can’t anymore. When will that day come? I have no idea. It could be tomorrow or it could be twenty years from now. Until that day, I’ll be continuing to build more and more momentum.