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Insta 360 One X2

Update: I cancelled my order for the Insta360 One X2 and placed an order for the GoPro Hero 9 Black instead.

I ordered a new camera today – specifically the Insta360 One X2 which is a 360º action camera with some pretty cool features.

I plan to use this to document some of my running and also for rail fanning which is my other hobby and passion. If you’ve never seen what one of these 360º cameras can do, then check out some of the many YouTube videos that show it off.

The One X2 is the latest version of Insta360’s small 360º action camera that shoots 5.7k video in a 360º field of view with a dual lens system all in a package about the size of a chunky chocolate bar.

The Invisible Selfie Stick

The cool feature that I’m most excited about is what Insta360 calls the Invisible Selfie Stick. I’ll be able to mount the camera on this telescopic pole which the camera is able to remove from the video using overlapping footage from the twin lenses.

When shooting with the selfie stick, the result is something that looks like there is a mini-drone flying around. The FlowState Stabilization makes for incredibly stable videos with a cinematic look. Here’s an example from a runner in Chicago who shoots videos of his training runs with an Insta360 One X2.

For a runner like me, the nicest feature is that there’s no requirement to frame or really to pay attention to where the camera is pointed when running. Because it captures a 360º field of view, it’s possible to pick the specific angle after during editing. I can just hold the camera out in front, behind, above (or anywhere really) and I’ve got the shot.

I’m also looking forward to capturing some more interesting shots like low angles, high angles, and everything in between. From what I’ve seen in other runner’s videos, there’s a unique opportunity to see my form from any angle and to capture things like my foot falls or even pronation while running outdoors.

Run Vlogging

I also plan to start doing a bit more of what I’ll call “run vlogging” in the future. I like the idea of recording some of my runs with commentary and to perhaps even take viewers on a run tour of the city and it’s various neighbourhoods.

Apple says it’ll be a few weeks before I get it shipped out to me, but here’s hoping they are conservative with their promises on this like they were when I ordered my MacBook Air last year. It showed up way sooner than promised.

Stay tuned!