Here I am at the end of the second month of 2021 and things are going very well. February was a great month with a bump in overall mileage and a number of solid goals accomplished. First, the usual progress report.

Goal Progress

  1. Become a daily runner and run every single day in 2021: February featured 28 days and I ran on each and every one of them. There were some tough days in terms of weather with heavy snow in the third week. But I ramped up the daily mileage and pushed past 300km for the month. ✅
  2. Run more in 2021 than I have in any previous year (2,431.2km): I logged a total of 314km in February to bring me to 573km for the year. That is 180km ahead of pace. In fact, I’m on pace to run more like 3,500km in 2021 at this rate. ✅
  3. Reach and maintain Strava Fitness and Freshness score of >80: Ramping up the distance and pushing harder has paid off. My score jumped to 59 this month. That’s an increase of 10 points from the start of the month when my score was 49.
  4. Run 50km in a single run, preferably on my 50th birthday: This is still planned for the future as I have more work to do in terms of building endurance. There’s still some minor hope that Niagara Ultra might happen this year which I would probably use to run my 50km.
  5. Revive, refresh and post regularly on my running blog: I again posted five times this month which I’m happy with. That’s basically weekly plus the progress report. ✅