The first month of 2021 is behind me now and here’s my first progress report. We’re into the real deal now for goals!

Goal Progress

  1. Become a daily runner and run every single day in 2021: I ran every day in January! It was a great start and a bit of a mileage ramp up towards the end of the month. In total it was 31 runs for 259km. Most of my running during the week has been before work which made for some cold runs, but at least I can see the first light of dawn getting a bit earlier each day. ✅
  2. Run more in 2021 than I have in any previous year (2,431.2km): The mileage counts now and I’m off to a really good start. I need to run about 200km a month to hit my goal and I logged 259km which puts me 53km ahead of pace. ✅
  3. Reach and maintain Strava Fitness and Freshness score of >80: I’ve started pushing a bit more in terms of pace and distance in January and my Strava Fitness and Freshness score is starting to climb. As of today I’m at 49 which is up 7 points since the start of the month.
  4. Run 50km in a single run, preferably on my 50th birthday: Nope…not yet! The birthday run is probably not going to happen as I’ve committed to GVRAT again for 2021 which starts on May 1.
  5. Revive, refresh and post regularly on my running blog: Another five post month in January which is good. I’ve got a few post ideas already for the next month so I’m on track here. ✅