This is the first of what will be monthly reports to track progress against my 2021 goals.

The format might change a bit over time, but I set four goals specific to running and then a fifth goal around blogging. Each is fairly measurable in the spirit of OKRs.

Goal Progress

  1. Become a daily runner and run every single day in 2021: Habits start early, so I began running daily this month starting on November 4. Since then, I managed to run every day. That’s 27 runs and 212km. ✅
  2. Run more in 2021 than I have in any previous year (2,431.2km): There’s no progress to report here since it’s still 2020, but I’ll update my 2020 total which as of the end of November is 1,730km. My goal for 2020 is to run 1,800km and I’m now 83km ahead of pace. ✅
  3. Reach and maintain Strava Fitness and Freshness score of >80: Again, this is a 2021 goal, but as of today, my Strava Fitness and Freshness score is 46. That’s up 25 points from 21 at the start of the month.
  4. Run 50km in a single run, preferably on my 50th birthday: Nope…not yet!
  5. Revive, refresh and post regularly on my running blog: I’ve made great progress here with with 11 posts this month and a new theme and blogging platform to power the blog. ✅