November was a big turnaround month for me. I didn’t run a ton, but I did make some exciting plans for 2022 that rekindled some of that excitement around running for me. Here’s how I did this month:

  1. Become a daily runner and run every single day in 2021: It’s month 11 and the streak continues. There were 30 days in November and I ran on all 30 of them. Despite some colder weather and early snow, I also ran in shorts every day this month. 🟢
  2. Run more in 2021 than I have in any previous year (2,431.2km): I logged a total of 219km in November. I finished the month at 3,171km and I’m pushing to maybe get to 3,400 by the end of the year. With some travel planned for the last week of December, that might be a big ask. ✅
  3. Reach and maintain Strava Fitness and Freshness score of >80: I’m hanging out in the 40’s now and I officially no longer care about this metric. It’s dumb. ✅
  4. Run 50km in a single run, preferably on my 50th birthday: Still completed! ✅
  5. Revive, refresh and post regularly on my running blog: I posted four times this month. With two races on the calendar now, I’ve got more to be excited about. ✅