Earlier this week, I did something I hadn’t done in 481 days. I didn’t go for a run. The last time that happened was on December 30, 2020.

Ending my run streak was something I had considered doing since the start of the year. When I started running every day at the beginning of 2021, the plan was to run every single day for the year. On January 1, 2022, I went for a run as I had the day before and the day before that and things just continued from there.

Fast forward to the last few weeks and I was getting closer and closer to the BMO Vancouver Marathon, and I was also dealing with a number of different issues mostly in my left leg. I had a strained hamstring first, then a tight calf and irritated high achilles tendon.

Honestly, I should have just taken a few days off sooner, but that is the downside of being on a long run streak. Stubbornness and past experience of running through injuries had me thinking I could continue to run everyday and also get to the start line on May 1 ready to go.

But as I got within a week of the race, it became more and more risky to continue to run and hope that I could manage the soreness in my leg to get to a good place by race day. So I ran one mile on Monday and then decided that was that.

On Tuesday I didn’t run. On Wednesday I also didn’t run.

My leg is getting better (slowly) and I think I should be good to go for Sunday. If it hurts, it hurts. At least I know that I don’t have to run on Monday after the race if I end up aggravating things again.

Begin Again?

Will I start another streak at some point in the future? Maybe. I don’t think I’ll track it every day like I did for this one. I still believe that running every day is a great motivator to keep me getting outside at least for a half hour and to get some physical activity. The downside to a run streak is that on the odd day where you really shouldn’t go out for a run, it’s still very tempting to do so.

I’ve updated my profiles in a lot of places to say “I run (almost) every day” and I think that’s really going to be my approach going forward. I’ll run every day unless there’s a reason that I can’t or shouldn’t. That might be physical (sick, hurt, etc.) or just inconvenient (travel, weather, other things to do, etc.).