It’s been a long couple of weeks of light running, but things are looking up. I ran 77km last week after only logging 38km the week prior. That included a 23km Sunday long run. I’ve already logged just shy of 45km this week and with three more days to go including a long run, I should break 90km for the week.

It’s been a rough couple of months starting after the 50km run and through the big weeks of GVRAT. My legs were honestly wrecked from too much running mostly stemming from that marathon/50km run. But some smart rest in the form of shorter runs combined with a lot of deep massage and stretching has me far more able to run big weeks to close it out.

80% Done

I have 207km to go to complete the GVRAT and I’m pushing hard to get there as soon as I can. That means running on the edge a bit and risking some set backs in the recovery. But with that little distance left, I can afford to push because once GVRAT is done, I can really dial it back and properly recover. No pain no gain. I can suffer for a couple of weeks here to get it done.

As of today, I think I have about 16 days left to run to get to the end of the GVRAT. If possible I’d like to get there in 15 or even 14 days (finishing on July 22 or 23), but it’s all math in terms of how the runs add up to the magic 207km I need.