It’s been a while since I’ve blogged and maintained a website about my running. I killed it off for a few reasons, mostly related to some frustration with running that I was feeling after the 2022 Vancouver Marathon.

That race didn’t go especially well, mostly due to some injuries suffered in the last weeks of training for the race. I also stopped running everyday a few days before the marathon to try to rest up and maybe recover enough to get to the finish line in decent shape.

Daily Miles

Since then, I took a few months to re-evaluate things and recover a bit. About a month ago, I decided to start running every day again and as of October 14, I’m 25 days into a new streak. My aim is to continue this one for at least 500 days and maybe as long as 1,000 days or more.

I go through phases with the blog just like I do with running. When I commit to running again, it often re-kindles the desire to blog and write about it. So here we are. I dusted off the archives and restored everything to how it was prior to shutting it down.

I have some clean up to do – mostly restoring a few missing images – but thankfully I had backed up and archived most of my writing for the last few years.

Follow along…