Set some goals, do all the things. Succeed! It all seems so easy, doesn’t it? Yeah…no.

I was inspired by this post in which a developer admits publicly all the things he doesn’t know. It’s not quite the same, but in that same spirit, here’s a few truths about my running that I’ll put on the table so it’s clear that not everything is rosy all the time.

  • I mostly run the same pace all the time. There’s all sorts of guidance that says to run long runs slow and mix in tempo and speed work the rest of the week to keep things in balance. Yeah…not me. I run “comfortably fast” most of the time which is about 5:05/km. Sometimes I run a bit faster, or sometimes a bit slower, but go look at my Strava and you’ll see the pattern.
  • Many (most?) days I have to drag myself out the door. I like running, but that doesn’t make it easy to convince myself to run every day. Sometimes it takes me a good hour from when I start gearing up to when I actually get out the door. Daily running has helped a lot, but probably 30% of the days I would rather not run. No goal means no run. Look at September and October for proof of that.
  • I’m a pretty crappy marathoner. I always go out too fast, never keep up with nutrition along the way and always tire, fade and defeat myself mentally over the last 5-7km. It’s probably a lack of training or strength and the fact that I’m generally not committed enough to do anything about it. About half my marathons are decent, a couple were great and the rest sucked.
  • I hate running up hills. I will occasionally make a route with a fair bit of incline change, but if I have a choice, I usually pack in the uphills as steep, quick climbs and the downhills over longer distances to make the runs easier. The reason I run the same loop from the house four or five days a week is that heading east from here is basically the only way to run a flat route.
  • I’m a terrible late-day runner. I’d rather run in the morning and avoid the evenings, especially after dinner. I almost never run well at the end of the day. It probably due to eating and digestion but I can’t find a dinner that works with running.

I’m not putting these here as any statement to suggest that I’m going to try to improve in these areas. I’m probably not.