I had to get the car up to an auto glass place in Scarborough today to have a cracked windshield replaced. I weighed the different options for how to get home after dropping off the car (and how to get back to pick up the car later). It became clear that running was the better way, not public transit.

It was about 5.4km by the shortest route, but my schedule today called for a 6km tempo run so I took a less direct route instead and hit 6km exactly after dropping off the car. It took me just under 28 minutes door-to-door. The best part was that there was no waiting for a Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) bus, no transfer to a different bus or the subway and no walk from the nearest TTC stop to the house.

I wasn’t planning to run both ways, but it made the most sense. I got the call that the car was ready and after a Google Meet that ended around 3:00 P.M., I geared up again and hit the streets to go back and pick it up. I ran a bit easier on the way back and got there in just over 26 minutes (the route was about 600m shorter).

Don’t get me wrong; the TTC is great. But for a short errand like this where I don’t need to carry too much stuff, running is by far the most efficient method of transportation. My Salomon vest was perfect for carrying my phone, glasses, wallet, keys and a mask.

The added bonus of being able to combine a training run with this errand was also great. It made the run even more efficient since I would have had to get out for a 30 minute tempo effort at some point. Two birds, one stone.