I sure could have picked a better time to get back on Twitter. But even with the recent Elon-induced turmoil on the bird-themed social network, I still think Twitter offers a lot for runners.

I used to have a pretty good following on Twitter and my blog. Back in 2016, I was a Team Awesome member for the Ottawa Marathon and also a Digital Champion for the Toronto Waterfront Marathon. My Twitter presence was at least partially responsible for both of those roles.

I stepped away from blogging and Twitter for a long time after that as I felt like I didn’t have much to say or contribute. My love of running had waned a bit (along with my annual mileage) and I didn’t feel like I could offer much to others in the way of encouragement.


When the pandemic hit in 2020, I revived my blog along with my love of running. A small group of us started up a Sunday run club and the mileage piled up as we ran virtual races and long Sunday runs. Lock downs and permanent work from home meant much more time to get out to run and I re-discovered all the great things running has to offer.


Now in late 2022, I’ve come back to Twitter in a bigger way and started blogging again regularly.

While Twitter is often a cesspool of negativity split down political lines, running Twitter is one bright spot of positivity. It’s easy enough to find other runners that share their running stories, accomplishments, daily runs and challenges. You can meet all sorts of runners of all ages and from all around the world. If you post your Strava run, someone will invariably give you a like or some words of encouragement.

Twitter can be a really terrible place, just like the world we live in. But running Twitter is filled with the same kinds of people you’ll find at a half marathon or Sunday run club. The shared experiences of running make for instant camaraderie.

Here’s hoping Elon gets his crap together and figures it out. Not having Twitter to chat, learn from and share with other runners would really be a bummer.