If you follow a few serious cyclists on Strava or Twitter, you’ll for sure have seen your share of photos of bikes. It seems this is a “thing” with cyclists – add a pic of your bike leaned up against a tree, or leaned up on a fence, or against a pole. At some point on your ride, lean up your fancy road or gravel bike against something to allow you to snap a pic to add to your entry.

I’m thinking that as runners, we should do the same. Like cyclists and their bikes, runners should be proud of our shoes and what they contribute to our runs.

We’re a brand-loyal bunch and we pick colours and styles that make a statement. There’s flashy race shoes in fluorescent colours, plain black or grey shoes for everyday runs and basically everything in between.

And don’t think that the technology of running shoes doesn’t match up with bike tech. They have electronic shifters and carbon fibre wheels. Runners have foot-pods and carbon plates.

So when you are done your run, or somewhere along the way, take off your shoes (or leave them on) and snap a shoe pic for your Strava or Garmin activity. Bonus points if you post it to Twitter and tag your preferred brand.