No, I’m not skipping a day. But after 172 runs in the 172 days since December 31, 2020, it’s time to cut back the miles a bit and recover.

My legs are sore and not in a great place after a few hard weeks of GVRAT. I tried to push through it with intensive treatment pre- and post-run, but it’s not getting better. Running has become a chore, and that’s hurting my motivation to get out there.

I cut my Sunday long run short today – still 13.5km, but not the 23km planned. The goal for the week is about 70km to keep on track with GVRAT, but I don’t plan to run hard or long for the first few days. If things are improving in the leg soreness department, I’ll start easing back into the double digits towards the end of the week. If not then I’ll keep taking it easy for a bit longer.

The problem with GVRAT is that it encourages running too much and too far. The more you run, the more things hurt, but the closer you get to the finish. I’m about 360km from the end which is maybe 25 days if I pushed it? But probably more like 28-30 days which means averaging about 12km a day for a while. Doable if I run 8km a few times a week, 13km for a few times and then a longer Sunday.

I’ve still run 250km in the first 20 days of June and with ten days to go, I’ll get close to 400km. To be honest, I’ll be happy to be done ASAP and if I can rest up and recover while still putting in 70km or more a week, then in a couple of weeks I can ramp it up and push to the finish.