We’re in Hilton Head Island, SC on a family vacation but that doesn’t mean the running or the training stops. The runstreak demanded a daily run of at least a mile and I like to get to 15 minutes or 3km whichever is longest.

We drove for about 12.5 hours yesterday, ending up just north of Charlotte, NC. As soon as we got unpacked into the hotel for the night, I geared up and ran three loops around the business park near the hotel for 3km. It wasn’t great running, and the training effect was minimal, but it was good to stretch the legs and get in my daily run.

Overnight it rained (hard) and in the morning, I expected the rain to be continuing. But when we woke up it was mostly dry so I figured I would get the run out of the way prior to the drive. It was another 3.5km around the same area before we hopped in the car to do the last 400km down to the island.

It was probably a good thing I ran in the morning since it ended up being very windy here in Hilton Head. I could have done the run, but it was nice to have it out of the way.

The plan for Sunday was to run a bit over 30km, but the weather here is going to be very cold with a temperature in the morning of about 2ºC. Since Monday is looking much nicer, I’m going to run shorter tomorrow and do the long run on the warmer day. That will also give my legs some time to recover from two days in the car.

Running on vacation is all about adapting and compromising. Sometimes the schedule has to go out the window to work around travel, activities or just to take a bit of a break.