My virtual run from Jasper to Canmore is going pretty well. I adjusted the end date forward to take the total time from 35 days down to 30 days. That’s mostly because my trial of the service I’m using ends on that day and I have no intention of paying for it. I always also sort of planned to do it in 30 days so why not track it that way?

As of today, I’m 136km into the run which puts me about 500m behind pace (what GVRAT would call the buzzard). I’m not too concerned as I have a long run tomorrow that will push me a fair bit ahead of pace. I need to run about 75km a week to finish on time and between a few runs a week in that 10km range, my long Sunday run, and then 8km runs the rest of the week, it all adds up nicely to that total.

I feel like I have a bit more to give still so an 80km week is doable if I run just a little bit more on my weekday runs.

Doing a virtual run is motivating. I knew that having done GVRAT in 2020. But doing it solo takes a lot of the fun out of it. Much of the GVRAT fun was seeing where I was compared to friends, or others in the race. Jasper to Canmore has helped me push the mileage up, but I miss the comaradarie of having a group of friends running the race too.

With GVRAT 2021 starting in May, I have a great summer of running ahead. I’ll write more about that in the next little bit, but suffice to say, I’m stoked to have that race on my calendar again this year.