I used to do weekly training updates when I was writing as a Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon Digital Champion or as a member of Team Awesome for the Ottawa Marathon.

With the BMO Vancouver Marathon now something like 114 days away, I’m thinking I could use the accountability that comes with writing about my training progress.

Weekly on Sunday

The plan is to write weekly posts on Sunday nights to recap how I did against the schedule and how I’m feeling as the mileage starts to increase and the training intensity builds.

In theory my training should have started right after Christmas, but with the trip to Canmore and the extreme cold weather there, it just wasn’t possible to run the miles that I would have liked. I missed a 13km Sunday run, but I did get out every day we were there for what felt like good, productive runs.

The format for my posts will be to summarize what the schedule called for, and what I ran. Along with that, I’ll provide some commentary on where I feel like I am compared to where I hope to be come race day.