Happy New Year to everyone. It’s a new year and that means it’s time to set some goals and make some plans for the 2022.

Looking back on 2021, I had an excellent year of running. It was probably my best year ever. I ran every day, ran almost 1,000 more kilometres than I’ve ever run in a year before and ran a personal best marathon (virtually). Oh, and I ran 50km on the day after my 50th birthday.

It’ll be hard to top that in 2022, so honestly, I don’t plan to try. I have a few goals in mind, but nothing as grand as I did in 2021.

  1. Run some races in person. This will be out of my control in many ways, but it’s a bit of a wish rather than a goal. I’m registered for Around the Bay in March and the BMO Vancouver Marathon in May and I really hope both happen.
  2. Run at least 200km every month. I don’t think I want to set an annual mileage goal, but I do want to set monthly goals to keep me motivated. This shouldn’t be too tough to accomplish, but it will require consistent running each week throughout the year.
  3. Run at least 24 half marathons. I ran 30 runs over 21.1km in 2021, and I’d like to get close to that in 2022 by averaging two per month. Marathon training early in the year will give me a head start, but this will keep me going throughout the later months of the year.

Stretch goals:

  1. Top 3,384km for the year. If I get there, then great. If not, I won’t be upset.
  2. PB at an in-person marathon. Here’s hoping I can back up my 3:30:37 virtual marathon with a sub 3:30 in-person, chip-timed race.

That should do it for the year. Here’s hoping 2022 will be as successful and enjoyable as 2021 was.