I set a goal at the beginning of 2021 to run every single day. On December 31, in Canmore, I completed that challenge and tallied my 365th run for the year. It was a bit of a crazy goal to set, but many runners are so-called “daily milers” or “runstreak” runners and I knew running every day was something I could do.

So what did I learn running 365 days in a row in 2021 and now that it’s 2022, did I keep going?

  • Running everyday became second nature. After about 100 days or so, I stopped thinking about how to keep my streak going. Including a run in my day just became something I did like sleeping or eating.
  • I rarely considered “not running”. There were a few days where I didn’t really feel like running, but I never came close to quitting the streak. Honestly, 15 minutes of running (3km was my minimum) isn’t that hard to do. It takes longer to get geared up to run than to actually run that.
  • I preferred to get it over with. That sounds negative, but it’s not. I just came to prefer starting my day with the run than finishing it with a run. If I didn’t get out in the morning, lunch runs were the next best thing.
  • 99% of the time the run was good. I had a handful of runs where it was less than ideal but honestly most days I quite enjoyed my run. Exceptions were the days after my COVID vaccinations and a few times where I had stomach issues.
  • Most days have at least a short period of decent weather. I very rarely ran in the rain, and other than days that were quite cold (looking at you, Canmore, Alberta), I had mostly good running weather. There was almost always a window in any given day that was fine for running.

To be continued?

It’s now January 12, 2022 and I’ve run 12 days so far this year. I’m not specifically continuing my streak, but after a year of running every day, it’s quite easy to continue to run every day.

Where things may change is on a day in the future where fitting in a run is a challenge. As I said earlier, 15 minutes is about all that I need to get a 3km run done. Even on days I’ve travelled, or been busy with other things, it’s been fairly easy to find the time to get in a quick run.

One last note is that the longer the streak goes, the harder I think it will be to stop.