I’m finding daily running to be a strong motivator. With no schedule other than to run on any day of the week that ends with “day”, the decision on whether to go for a run is easily made.

Two things that do change from day to day are when to run and how far to run.

On the “when” side of things, the weather often provides the answer. If there is morning rain, but cloudy afternoon skies, then I run in the afternoon when the weather is a bit nicer. Generally I check the forecast for a couple of days to plan accordingly.

For “how far”, that depends on how I’m feeling and also how far I’ve run the day or two before. Sunday has always been long run day and that means Monday will tend to be a shorter, easy run of 5km or so. Weekday run length will be anything from five to eight kilometres, often depending on how I feel during the run.

I will often set out with a plan to run my 5.2km route but then change it up and run a bit more. At 2.6km, my route offers a couple of options. I can go left and add a couple of kilometres or I can go straight and run the 6.2km route. Some days I run 5.2km as planned while other days I add a bit.

Generally I am aiming for around 50km a week these days which is what I’ll need to run weekly in 2021 to get to my annual mileage goal. It’s actually not a lot of daily when it’s split across seven days.